A margedom

I’ll be gone until Sunday

and I’ve been so crazy busy that I didn’t get the chance to queue things even though I really wanted to. But with packing up my room and packing and friends I just haven’t had the time. 

Some of you care where I’m going so I’ll tell you. I’m going to go be a camp counselor for some BEAUTIFUL girls and I’m so excited. I’ll return on Saturday and start moving into my own apartment. There are big things coming.

One more thing, I expect my inbox to be over flowing with messages when I get back…I mean I can dream. But for real, fill up my inbox and spread the love.

never-get-too-personal says: I think you're the prettiest girl/woman I've ever seen. You're a natural beauty and I think you are unique. You could be a model. Sry for my poor English. :)

Awww. You’re too sweet. Thanks so much.

I may or may not have drugs tonight. The jury is still out but I can’t feel my knees anymore.